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New Registration Fees *

Maximum Prices **
Payment Channel ***

*All prices shown are not inclusive of 6% Service Tax.
**Prices displayed are the maximum price but it might vary from each Resellers.
***Payment Channel depends on the invoicing party of the domain name. However, if the domain name’s invoicing party is MYNIC, payment can still be made through MYNIC Resellers.

All these fees are all one-off, non-refundable and payable upon application.

Renewal Fees
All domain name owners must pay renewal fees on time to their relevant Invoicing Party or risk losing their domain name. These are non-refundable fees payable upon the anniversary of the activation of the domain name.

MYNIC will send a renewal notification e-mail at least 14 days before the expiry date. If payment has not been received 30 days after the invoice date, the domain name will be suspended. The suspension period is 14 days during which time, payment may be made to reactivate the domain name. If payment is still not received after the suspension period, the domain name will be deleted and made available to the public.

MYNIC reserves the right to revise the Fee Structure from time to time. Revisions to the Fee Structure will be published here on the MYNIC website.

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