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How do UserIDs and Passwords work?

These are identification codes to identify a particular holder of each contact code. Only by using the right usernames and Passwords will the Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and Billing Contact be able to access certain contact code information.

Therefore, once your domain name has been successfully registered, the usernames and Passwords are required whenever the relevant Contact Person wants to make modifications to a domain name record, delete a domain name and/or transfer a domain name. (see Making Changes To A Domain Name Record above).

The same username and Password for each contact code may also be used for other domain names. For example, if a Registrant has registered three domain names, the same username and Password for the Administrative Contact (and therefore the same contact code) may be used to access the application forms to modify the records of, delete and transfer all three domain names.

However, each time your Administrative Contact appoints a new Administrative Contact or Technical Contact or Billing Contact who hasn’t been appointed before (and therefore has not been assigned a contact code), new contact code will be created for him or her. The new Contact Person will then be required to create a new username and Password. Upon confirmation of the appointments, the new Contact Person must change the password immediately.

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