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I want to change ownership of my domain name. How to do it?

The purpose of domain name transfer is to change the Registrant from the current one to a new Registrant where the company/business registration should be different from the current Registrant.

It can only be submitted by the Administrative Contact of the domain name BEFORE the domain name expired.

Domain name fees paid by the current Registrant such as advanced payment are neither refundable nor transferable.

To transfer:
  1. The current Administrative Contact:
    1. Must provide all details of the New Registrant in the Transfer Domain Name Form.
    2. Will receive a notification e-mail within 2 working days after the application has been processed by MYNIC.
    3. Will receive e-mail from MYNIC that domain name has been deleted.
    4. Domain name will be deleted (transfer) after 14 days from the date of the notification e-mail.


  2. The new Administrative Contact:
    1. Will receive a notification to register e-mail from MYNIC after the deletion of the domain name. (Refer point number iv. above)
    2. Must furnish relevant Supporting Documents to MYNIC and payment to the Invoicing Party within 14 days. If the new Registrant does not wish to apply for the domain name, or does not complete the registration process in any way, the domain name will be auto cancel and made available to the public after 14 days.

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