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Startup Guide for SiteBuilder


This document explains on how you can build your website with SiteBuilder Pro 3.0. It is an easy drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create websites without the need to learn the HTML language or web design skills. It comes with ready-made templates that can be modified with text or images, allowing you to create a website that suits your needs.

You will then be guided through steps to build and publish your website.


Supported Browser

SiteBuilder Pro 3.0 supports the following browsers:

Browser Version
Internet Explorer IE 9.0 and up
Firefox Firefox 26 and up
Chrome Chrome 31 and up
Safari Safari 6.0 and up

The Java applet supports Java 6 update 31 and up.


Let’s begin to build your website

1. Go to from any Internet browser.


Figure 1: website


2. Mouse over to your preference template and click at the template or ‘Continue’. Please scroll down for more options.


Figure 2: Selecting website template


3. A popup window will appear. Enter your domain name, username and password which provided in your email activation from MYNIC. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed.


Figure 3: Account information window


4. Enter your account information and click ‘Continue’. Example as below for your reference.


Figure 4: Account information window


5. Enter you contact email in the panel. You will get a password and a welcome letter from the SiteBuilder. Click ‘Install website in home folder’ and ‘Continue’ to go to the next step.


Figure 5: Email contact to receive welcome letter and password

Important Note: If you already setup a website earlier, by selecting the home folder, it will overwrite the existing content in the home folder. You are require to create your SiteBuilder page in other folder.
6. Congratulations! You have successfully built your website. There are two (2) more steps to complete. 1st, please enter your company name or website.


Figure 6: Message on successfully built a website


7. Final step, please enter your contact information to generate the contact section. Click ‘Continue to my website’.


Figure 7: Contact information details window


8. You are now in your website admin page.


Figure 8: Your website admin page


9. If you need to change any content, please click at this icon. Click at the pencil icon to make edit any content.


Figure 9: Admin page of the website


10. Once you have complete edit the content, please click at the icon to save the changes, or to cancel.


Figure 10: Admin page to edit the content

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