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What about payment?

Please note that fees charged by MYNIC Resellers may vary but the maximum amount for, and domain names is RM80.00 per name per year. For, the maximum amount is RM32.00 per year. For .my, the maximum amount is RM120.00 per year.

Sometimes, resellers may bundle the domain name registration service with other products and services such as domain name hosting and other data centre services. You may choose not to buy any of these additional services when you register your new domain name.

In the event that the domain name is rejected for whatever reason, your MYNIC Reseller must refund any payment made by you for the domain name registration.

On the anniversary of your registration, the reseller will bill you a renewal fee to keep your domain name registered. When you make payment, make sure the reseller issues you with a receipt as proof of payment.

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