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Choosing a Domain Name

Please note that before you apply for a domain name registration under .my, you must meet MYNIC criteria. For individual and organisation, you must have supporting documents as stated in the Supporting Documents.
For basic information on domain names, please refer to the FAQ – About Domain Names.


Top-level domain
MYNIC administers the .my top level domain. However, MYNIC only registers second and third level domain names (please refer below). Therefore, MYNIC does not register other forms of domain name such as:


Third level domain
These are the third-level domains available for registration:
1) .my for Malaysian individuals and organizations.
2) for commercial organisation/activities
3) for network-related organisations/activities
4) for organisations/activities which do not qualify for other categories
5) for Malaysian educational organisations only
6) for Malaysian government organisations only
7) for Malaysian military organisations only
8) for Malaysian individual’s personal use only


Second level domain
1) .my For all Malaysian individuals and entities

Except for the,, and domain names which have special requirements, it is your responsibility to select the most appropriate second level domain name.For organisations considering domain names, your choice of second or third-level domain name should closely match or best reflect your organisation’s area of interest/activities. This is an attempt to avoid confusion in cyberspace, as Internet users often assume some implied correlation with the second level domain name used.

MYNIC does not check for the suitability or appropriateness of the domain name chosen by the Registrant.


Second & Third-level domain
It is this third level domain name that you register with MYNIC. These are examples of third level domain names: (second Level)


It is up to you to choose the desired domain name.


For organisations, you may use your name, brand name, product name, trademarked name, licensed name or other types of name.


For individuals, the personal domain name should reflect and/or represent your name/identity which includes your full or legal name (as per identity card), variations of your name, nickname, stage name, pseudonym and others.


MYNIC does not check for the suitability or appropriateness of the domain name chosen by the Registrant.


In choosing the 2nd & 3rd level domain name, the following criteria must be complied:
  • Registration is on a “first come, first served” basis. Therefore, domain names must not.
    • already have been registered to another applicant or
    • be the subject of an application currently under consideration by MYNIC


Doing a search using the MYNIC Whois Service will reveal if your chosen domain name is available.
  • Your domain name must conform to certain alphanumeric conventions:
    • it must contain at least 1 character, but no more than 40 characters. For example:
    • The characters may comprise the 26 letters [a-z] of the Roman alphabet, the 10 digits [0-9] and the character “-” (hyphen or dash). For example:

      However, the character “-” (hyphen or dash) can only be used as a separating element. It cannot be used as an initial or final character in a label.
    • For, registrants must ensure their personal domain name reflects and/or represents their own identity, which includes “legal” name (as per identity card), nickname, stage name, pseudonym and others.
    • You are not allowed to use other separating elements such as “_” (underscore), “&” (ampersand), “/” (oblique or slash), “.” (dot or period), and ” ” (white space).
    • Your domain name must contain only lower case characters because the domain name system is case insensitive.
Note the following prohibitions. Domain names must not:
  • By themselves contain country or state names or well-known names such as “Malaysia”, “Malacca”, “Johore”, etc, or the Bahasa Malaysia equivalents such as “Melaka”, “Johor”, etc.
  • These domain names may only be applied by the relevant State authority, or persons who have been duly authorised by the relevant State authority. All applications and/or letters of authorisation must originate from the State Secretary’s (Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri) Office of the relevant State.
  • By themselves contain words in either English or Bahasa Malaysia, that are sensitive to the main religions in Malaysia such as “Islam”, “Buddha”, “Hindu”, “Christianity”, etc.
  • By themselves or as part of a label, be obscene, scandalous, indecent, offensive or contrary to Malaysian public norms.
  • Section 139(1)(a) of the Financial Services Act 2013 and section 151(1)(a) of the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 state that except with Bank Negara Malaysia’s prior written approval, no person shall use certain words (bank, Islamic bank, insurance, assurance, takaful, Islamic insurance, Islamic assurance, financial adviser or Islamic financial adviser), any derivatives of such words or any other words in any language, in a person’s business name, description or title under which such person carries on business or in the conduct of its business if such usage is capable of being construed as indicating the carrying on of any of the authorised or registered business.


    Applications to Bank Negara Malaysia should contain details of the applicant (including place of business, description of business activities and/or intended business activities, and group structure and global presence, if applicable), justification for using the word(s) and any documents to support the application. Kindly submit the application to:

    Jabatan Konsumer dan Amalan Pasaran
    Bank Negara Malaysia
    Jalan Dato’ Onn,
    50480 Kuala Lumpur
    Fax: 03-26914086

    For any further enquiries, please contact Bank Negara Malaysia at 1-300-88-5465.”

  • Names which contain words such as “Malaysia Government”, “Government”, “Parliament” or “Prime Minister” and variations thereof or any other words or non-Latin characters (or a combination of such non-Latin characters) that might suggest a link to the Government, or the Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or Tamil equivalents such as “Kerajaan Malaysia”, “Menteri”, “Parlimen” and “Perdana Menteri”
  • Names which contain words and variations or any other words or non-Latin characters (or a combination of such non-Latin characters) that might suggest a link to the Royal Family or Royal patronage of Malaysia. [These domain names may only be applied by the relevant authority, or persons who have been duly authorised by the relevant authority. All the applications and/or letters of authorisation must originate from the State Secretary (Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri) of the relevant state.]
  • By themselves contain names, in English or Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or Tamil, of Inter-Governmental Organizations (“IGO”) or Country Names.
  • Registering on Behalf of a Minor
    • Registrants for personal domain names are not allowed to register on behalf of other entities/individuals. However parents/guardians or immediate family members may apply on behalf of a minor who is below the age of 18 years as minors are not allowed to register personal domain name in their own capacity. PROVIDED ALWAYS that the minor and the parent/guardian/immediate family member concerned are Malaysian citizens and/or non-Malaysians residing in Malaysia.
    • The Agreement for Registration of Personal Domain Name is between MYNIC and the parent/guardian/immediate family member concerned, and the parent/guardian/immediate family member is fully responsible for the said domain name.
    • The personal domain name may be transferred to the minor upon his/her attainment of 18 years.
  • Choice of Domain Name Guidelines
    • Registrants agree and accept that MYNIC does not in any way encourage or condone registration and use domain names for cybersquatting, hoarding, speculative purposes, or any other abusive purpose (“abusive registration activities”). Registrants are not to encourage nor participate in abusive registration activities either for his/her own purpose or for any third party.
    • MYNIC also reserves the right to suspend or terminate the personal domain name at any time with prior notice to the Registrant in the event MYNIC receives any official direction from any Malaysian regulatory or Government body.
    • MYNIC is the sole arbiter of domain names choice violations. However, as far as third party rights are concerned, it is not MYNIC’s duty nor responsibility to screen requested domain names to determine whether the use of a domain name by a Registrant may infringe upon the right(s) of a third party.
    • By applying for the domain name, the applicant certifies that certifies that, to his or her knowledge, the use of this name does not violate Malaysian trademarks, intellectual property, or other laws, and that the domain name is not being registered for any activities not permitted under any law of Malaysia.
    • Any disputes between parties over the rights to use a particular name are to be settled between the contending parties using normal legal methods. MYNIC does not act as arbiter of disputes.
    • For trademark related domain name disputes, these are governed by MYNIC’s Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (MYDRP). Please click here for the FAQ on MYDRP.


This document is subject to change by MYNIC from time to time without any prior written notice.

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