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Startup Guide for GO2 Brand

GO2 service is an easy way to redirect your easy-to- remember domain names to almost all popular social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), communication apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, messenger), Google Maps, Waze, Websites, and Blog.

Once you registered GO2 service, your domain name will redirect to WhatsApp number (no.) you have registered during registration. The mapping domain name to WhatsApp no is based on the package you subscribed:

Package Your Domain Mapping Name
Lite mesej<domainname>.my
Standard mesej.<domainname>.my
Premium mesej.<domainname>.my


For domain mapping to WhatsApp, easier for your customer to communicate with you from social media or smartphone using a domain name than a telephone number.

To change your mapping to other applications, please follow below steps:

  1. Login to MYNIC SELFCARE
  2. Click Domain Mapping under Brand and Communications
  3. Select a domain name that you want to redirect and click ADD button. Then, choose from one of the following options to forward your domain to:
    • Web (Blogspot, enter the URL of your choice)
    • Location (Google Maps, Waze)
    • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
    • Messenger (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Twitter DM, Telegram)
  4. Once you choose a mapping destination, simply follow the instructions provided to redirect your domain.

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