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What are some examples of website content related complaints?

Examples of website content related complaints include complaints in relation to “.my” websites that:
  • contain content which is of an offensive nature
  • contain defamatory statements in respect of a person
  • provides access to pornographic materials
  • provides access to services that are illegal in Malaysia such as gambling
  • allows users to illegally download music, videos, books or pictures without the permission of the owner
  • sells goods which are defective and not in accordance with their description
  • uses the trademarks of another party within the content of the website without the permission of the trademark owner(s)
  • passes itself off as the website of a financial institution and hijacks the user name and password of users who mistakenly try to log into the financial institution’s online services

As can be seen, the examples above relate solely to the content and material on the website and are not related to the website address/name.

These type of complaints are not within the jurisdiction and purview of MYNIC. Instead, they are within the jurisdiction and purview of various other government agencies and regulatory authorities as detailed in Who does one complain to or approach in relation to “.my” website content related complaints?  below.

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