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What are the types of complaints that can generally arise in relation to a “.my” website?

There are a large variety of issues that can arise in relation to websites generally, including for example, that a website:
  • contains content which is of an offensive nature
  • contains defamatory statements in respect of a person
  • uses a website address which is offensive, defamatory or sensitive to certain sections of the community
  • provides access to pornographic materials
  • provides access to services that are illegal in Malaysia such as gambling
  • allows users to illegally download music, videos, books or pictures without the permission of the owner
  • sells goods which are defective and not in accordance with their description
  • uses a website address which is in fact a trademark or registered business name of its competitor
  • uses the trademarks of another party without the permission of the trademark owner(s)
  • passes itself off as the website of a financial institution and hijacks the user name and password of users who mistakenly try to log into the financial institution’s online services

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