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Why are name servers required?

Every domain name has name servers that handle queries for its information or records. What’s in a name server? It contains one or more DNS databases to store Internet hostnames and their associated IP addresses. DNS records need to be maintained by people.

Name servers are queried by various programs and other name servers to convert domain names into IP addresses all day long. Each name server, called a primary name server, usually has a back-up server, called a secondary name server, so that this can be done uninterrupted. Both primary and secondary name servers hold the authoritative data of a domain name.

If you wish to receive e-mail from the Internet you need to have a Mail Exchange (MX) record for your domain name in your DNS database. There are two ways to get name servers for your domain name:
  • create and administer them yourself
  • pay an Internet Service Provider or a hosting company to handle them for you

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