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How can I change the 2FA mobile number?

If you have multiple registered 2FA mobile numbers, please refer to the guideline HERE.

If you have only ONE registered 2FA mobile number, you may fill-up the application form to request on 2FA mobile number deletion.


Where can I get the application form?

You may request the application form by contacting MYNIC’s Customer Care via email at or chat with us at MYNIC’s Live Chat.


What information is required to complete the application form?

  1. Domain Name(s).
  2. Technical contact information’s:
    1. First and Last Name
    2. Organization Name
    3. Email Address
  3. Current registered 2FA mobile number to be deleted. You may check your registered 2FA mobile number in MYNIC Portal.
  4. Organisation’s letterhead and affixed with organisation’s stamp. For domain names registered by an individual, a copy of your I/C is required. Information of the domain name is available at MYNIC WHOIS.
  5. Signature of current Technical Contact Person with the requested date.


What should I do after submitting the application form?

  1. Once you have emailed the complete form to, you should receive an acknowledgement email. Customer Care will inform you if any information or additional document required.
  2. A verification through phone call will be made to confirm the application.
  3. Upon successful verification, MYNIC will process your application by the next working day.
  4. You will receive an email if your application is successful.
  5. You may register a new 2FA mobile number through MYNIC Portal.


How do I know my application status?

MYNIC will send an email notification to you either the application is approved or rejected.

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